May – August 2017

Alongside the usual weddings, functions and show deputies this summer has been varied with a good variety of arranging work, jazz performances, additions to the studio and some work outside the UK.

May began with some horn section recording work for a new project run by saxophonist and producer Rob Sell as well as recording on a new single for 90s band the Lighthouse Family. In the middle of the month, Patrick was invited to perform as part of the Southampton Youth Jazz Orchestra Legacy Band with special guest Jason Rebello. This was great fun as the band were playing exclusively music from the 1970s Headhunters repertoire specifically arranged for this ensemble.
At the end of the month Patrick was asked to perform alongside mega Irish Country music star Nathan Carter at the London Palladium to a sold out crowd.
In June there was a new addition to the studio – a vintage 1980s Amek BCII ex BBC broadcasting mixing console. This was very exciting and has been put to good use on many new projects in the studio already.
At the end of June, Patrick was invited to perform alongside the very talented Palestinian singer Omar Kamal (described as the crooner to the Arab world!) at the Beiteddine Arts Festival in Lebanon. Patrick was part of his London based Big Band and were playing alongside the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra to a crowd of 3000 in the Presidents summer Presidential Palace in the mountains. This was an amazing experience and one that won’t be forgotten.
A couple of weeks later Patrick was requested to perform with the “Gold Diggers” at a private event just along the French coast from St Tropez.
Over the month of July, Patrick was busy arranging a pad for the brand new band “Press For Champagne”. This new band performs in a vintage style similar to the hit band “Post Modern Jukebox”. Patrick was busy transcribing some already known material as well as creating some custom made charts.
At the beginning of August Patrick was able to meet up with his old University of Miami alumni friend Michael Piolet who was over from the States playing with Leon Foster Thomas on his European tour. It was great to catch up after the best part of six years!
For the second consecutive year, Patrick was invited back to Silda Jazz in Haugesund, Norway with the great band “The Brasshoppers”. This was another really fun week away as always and concluded with us performing alongside another fantastic American band called the “The Huntertones”. An amazing 6 piece originals band based in Brooklyn, New York. Check them out!

Highlights of May – August 2017 include:

Lighthouse Family – recording for their new single
Nathan Carter
– Performing at the London Palladium
Omar Kamal – performing at the Beiteddine Festival, Lebanon
Press For Champagne
– new arranging collaboration
The Brasshoppers – performing again at Sildajazz, Haugesund, Norway

Patrick Hayes