Back To The Grove CD


Patrick's debut album released in 2015 features some of the top jazz and session musicians in the UK and is a mix of jazz funk, pop and latin originals as well as covers made famous by other artists.

Highly influenced by Patrick's time in Miami, this critically acclaimed album has something for everyone, from sophisticated jazz fans to lovers of upbeat dance music.

Track Listing

1. Crackin' The Whip
2. You Get The Picture
3. Back To The Grove
4. Estate
5. Night In The Gables
6. Safe In Berlin
7. Barkham

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Compositions, Arrangements, Producer, Orchestral Contractor, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Keyboards: Patrick Hayes
Trumpets and Flugelhorns: Tom Walsh and Reuben Fowler
Saxophone: James Gardiner-Bateman
Flute, Alto Flute and Bass Flute: Gareth Lockrane
Electric and Acoustic Guitar: Rob Luft
Keyboards and Piano: Matt Robinson
Bass Guitar: Laurence Ungless
Drums: Ed Richardson
Percussion: Jonathan Ormston, Ed Richardson and Alice Angliss
Handclaps: Patrick Hayes, Ed Richardson, Matt Robinson and Harriet Syndercombe Court
Vocals: Simone Daley-Richards, Harriet Syndercombe-Court, Jaelee Small, Jamie Woon, Ben Noke
Violins: Dan Oates, Henry Bentley, Jenny Ames, Konrad Elias-Trostmann, Alice Zawadski, Lukas Hank, Elaine Ambridge, Clare Kennington
Cellos: Frederique Legrande, Adam Spiers, Sophie Gledhill, Arianna Kashefi
Double Bass: Laurence Ungless

Jazz Requests, BBC Radio 3:
“This album is a who’s who of the top young jazz and session musicians in the UK.”

Jazz FM:
“These guys are something else!”

British Trombone Society:
“Patrick has assembled a band that clearly has a fierce understanding of the style that his tunes demand and they’ve created a wonderful album of instrumental and vocal groove gold.”

London Jazz News:
“A big, sophisticated, expensive sound”

Sandy Brown Jazz:
“In my opinion, Back To The Grove is a ‘must have’ album. It will have wide appeal, it is joyous and uplifting, and the enthusiasm of the musicians is tangible… If PHEE has more in their catalogue, bring it on.”